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HiP Summer 2007



Summer 2007

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  • Managing client change – Jennifer Poole
  • Hormesis, epitaxy, the structure of liquid water, and the science of homeopathy – Domenico Mastrangelo
  • Contrasting extremes; a Medorrhinum case – Liz Lalor
  • Self-mutilation; an increasing ‘rite of passage’ in our syphilitic age – Elizabeth Adalian
  • Where do we go from here? A SWOT analysis of changes in legislation affecting homeopaths – Chris Braithwaite
  • Bowel nosodes, miasms and minerals; an integrated approach to prescribing – part one – Myriam Shivadikar
  • Treating thyroid dysfunction – Lee Pollack
  • Website revie: and – Mairi Frost
  • An Indian homeopathy experience – Rochelle Marsden

Book Reviews

  • Alphabetical Repertory of Meditative Remedies by Marion & Peter Joyce
  • Imagine Homeopathy: A Book of Experiments, Images and Metaphors by Chris Kurz
  • The Integrity of Homoeopathy by Sheilagh Creasy
  • The Intention Experiment by Lynne Mc Taggart
  • Spiritual Bioenergetics of Homeopathic Materia Medica, Vol ll; artbook by Dr Yubraj Sharma

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