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HiP Summer 2006



Summer 2006

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  • What to do when electro-smog makes you sick – Patty Hemingway
  • Homeopathy blossoms in the land of the rising sun – Karin Mont
  • The Liz Lalor fertility programme – Liz Lalor
  • The use of herbs and tinctures in homeopathy – Theresa Partington
  • Homeopathy, contrarianism and Provocative Therapy – Brian Kaplan
  • Summer reading for homeopaths – Meg Brinton and Theresa Partington
  • Heart connection – Rowena Ronson
  • Cairo ‘calls’ for homeopathy – Elizabeth Adalian
  • Remedies: homeopathic or potentised? – Katharine and John Boulderstone

Book Reviews

  • Remedy Maps and Relationships by Mike Bridger
  • Meditative Provings Vol. 2 by Madeline Evans
  • It’s The Thought That Counts by Dr David R. Hamilton
  • The Treason Within by Dr John Millward

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