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HiP Spring 2011



Spring 2011

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  • From the pen of Hahnemann – Jerome Whitney
  • What’s the difference about NHS homeopathy consultations? – Lesley Wye
  • Arnica – the shock remedy – Liz Lalor
  • Menopause; a process approach – Lynne Russell
  • Putting the PR in practitioner – John Whyte-Venables
  • Future prospects for homeopathy and Homeovitality – Peter Kay and Saqib Rashid
  • Organon Live: Footnotes to §16 and §17 – Chetna Shukla

Book reviews

  • Nuts and Bolts Homeopathy CD compiled by Jane Hurley
  • Vaccine Damaged Children – Treatment, Prevention, Reasons by Dr Isaac Golden
  • Sarah’s Last Wish by Eve Hillary
  • Lac Remedies in Practice by Philip Bailey
  • Structuralism And The Plant Kingdom – Volume 1: Monocots by Stephanie Nile

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