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HiP Spring 2012



Spring 2012

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  • Efficiency and costs of integrative medicine in an organic dairy farm – Andrea Martini
  • Working in palliative care: Part Two – Ali Morrish
  • Hyancinthoides non-scripta (Agraphis nutans): Bluebell – Colin Griffith
  • Iridology through the homeopathic looking glass: Part One – Keri Williams
  • Working in the community – forging links – Anne Gorham
  • Next time pack the chocolate – Sally Tamplin
  • Homeopathy and our psyche – Part Two – Sue Smith

Book reviews

  • Children’s Types by Frans Kusse
  • Fascinating Fossils by Martine Mercy
  • The Little Book of Fascinating Fossils by Martine Mercy
  • Bach Flower Remedies: The Essence Within by Julian Barnard

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