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HiP Winter 2006



Winter 2006

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  • Matters of principle. An interview with Dr Luc De Schepper – Theresa Partington
  • Homeopathic treatment of emergencies and terminally ill patients – Dr Farokh Master
  • The management of eczema – part two – Hilery Dorrian
  • The Bowen Technique – Simone Guest
  • Winter reading for homeopaths – Meg Brinton and Theresa Partington
  • Treating acutes with homeopathy – part one – Grace DaSilva-Hill
  • Vaccination strategies. How can we best support our clients in making an informed choice – Liz Bevan-Jones

Book Reviews

  • The No Nonsense Travel Vaccine Handbook: A practical Homeopathic Guide for Travellers by Liz Bevan-Jones and Yvonne Stone
  • Homepathy: The Science and Art of Dynamic Healing by Shaik Rahmathullah
  • Homeopathy: Principles and Practice by Earnest Roberts
  • HRT Licenced to Kill and Maim by Martin J Walker
  • The Second Simillimum by Peter Chappell
  • Homeopathy for Children: Accidents, Injuries and Common Illnesses by Assie Pittendrigh

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