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Ensuring access to quality Homeopathy for all who choose to use it

  • We publish a register of qualified homeopaths
  • We provide the public with general information about homeopathy
  • We collaborate with all sectors within the profession, to deliver quality homeopathy to patients
  • We support homeopaths in practice

What is the ARH?

The Alliance of Registered Homeopaths (ARH) is a UK professional organisation which supports and promotes a high standard of safe, effective homeopathic practice.

  • We publish an online register of qualified homeopaths.
  • We provide the public with general information about homeopathy.
  • We collaborate with all sectors within the homeopathy profession, to enhance our knowledge and understanding of homeopathy, and to deliver quality homeopathy to patients who choose to use it.
  • We provide membership services to practising homeopaths, and to students training to become homeopaths.

What is homeopathy?

Homeopathy treats each person as a unique individual with the aim of stimulating their own natural healing ability. A homeopath selects the most appropriate medicine based on the individual’s specific symptoms and personal level of health.

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Would you like to join the ARH?

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The ARH journal

Homeopathy in Practice (HiP) is the ARH journal, which is published three times a year.  

For example, in the Autumn 2022 issue, articles included topics such as; dreams and the shadow-self in homeopathy, familiar and lesser known facts about Samuel Hahnemann, and an exploration of some of the prejudices/misconceptions associated with treating teenage boys.

In a previous issue, we looked at how homeopathic medicine can play a valuable role in developing healthcare systems, following the successes experienced in Kenya, click here.

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Preview an earlier issue

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A career in homeopathy

If you are thinking of studying homeopathy, watch the videos below to find out what you can expect from a career in homeopathy.

Find a Homeopath

To find a qualified homeopath registered with the Alliance of Registered Homeopaths.

The ARH Journal

Homeopathy in Practice (HiP), the voice of practising homeopaths, is published three times a year. HiP also has its very own website. Click here to find out more about our super journal, and download a selection of articles for free!

Homeopathy in Practice: A journal ahead of its time! Homeopathy in Practice (HiP) is an exceptional publication for the homeopathy profession, in which we explore important issues, and keep readers up to date with the latest developments. Feature articles cover a range of topics which help to extend our knowledge and understanding of our unique and complex system of medicine. Some articles published in HiP are literally ground breaking!

For example, the Summer/Autumn 2014 issue features a fascinating account of the work of Nobel Prize winner, the late Professor Luc Montagnier, entitled ‘Rediscovering the memory of water’. Professor Montagnier revisited and further developed the work started by the renowned French scientist Jacques Benveniste. The theory of the ‘memory’ of water is regarded as controversial by some, because it states that water can reproduce the effects of a substance with which it has been in contact, even when there is no longer any trace of the substance in the water. Montagnier devised a series of experiments which appear to support the ‘memory’ of water theory, and the article published in HiP explains the cutting-edge science behind this remarkable work. Click here to subscribe to HiP, a journal ahead of its time! Homeopathy in Practice is published in full colour!

In an issue of Homeopathy in Practice, published in the summer of 2020, we commemorated the 75th anniversary of VE day, when hostilities formally ended in Europe, by featuring the role of homeopathy during times of war. There is one article from this issue which you can download: Gunpowder by John Morgan Click here

You can order back issues of our journal by visiting our online shop. Just click here  to see a catalogue of all available back issues. When viewing the catalogue, just  click on the image of the issue you are interested in, to see the contents list, and read a sample article.

find a homeopath

For more information about homeopathy please click above to visit findahomeopath.org

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