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HiP Winter 2005




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  • Hahnemann’s inaugural dissertation 1779: A new translation Colin Lessell
  • Day in the life of a flip-flop homeopath: Part 2 Jennie Taylor
  • Teaching homeopathy holistically Jane Wood
  • A ramble through strategy and philosophy that gets to Burnett – eventuallyPeter Crockett
  • Hamlet and Muriaticum acidum Liz Lalor
  • Chakras – part 2. How homeopathic remedies affect the energetic bodiesPeter Tadd
  • A vision of comprehensive care: the integration of homeopathy and counselling Christopher Johannes and Eileen McNeill
  • What is practical homeopathy? Ellen Kramer

Book Reviews

  • Homeopathy: First Aid, Acute and Tropical Diseases. Quick Reference Guide by Assie Pittendrigh
  • The Mystery of Python Regia by Brigitte Klotzsch
  • The Companion to Homeopathy: The Practitioner’s Guide by Colin Griffith
  • Textbook of Veterinary Homeopathy by John Saxton and Peter Gregory
  • Homoeopathy and the Chakras CDs by Lee Pollack

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