HiP Autumn 2006



Autumn 2006

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  • Case and remedy mapping – Mike Bridger
  • The proving of MRPG3 – Colin Griffith
  • The ‘science’ of drugs – Steve Scrutton
  • The management of eczema – part one – Hilery Dorrian
  • Addressing the ancestral legacy of trauma – Elizabeth Adalian
  • Why don’t they all get better? – Sally Ann Hutcheson
  • Website review: www.Hpathy.com – Mairi Frost
  • How to run a successful practice – Eleana Needham

Book Reviews

  • Homeopathy – the practical guide for the 21st century by Beth MacEoin
  • The Powerwatch Handbook by Alisdair and Jean Phillips
  • Monera: Kingdom bacteria and viruses by Frans Vermeulen
  • Homeopathic Clinical Repertory by Robin Murphy
  • ISIS Vision – Miccant Ltd

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