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HiP Winter/Spring 2016



HiP Winter/Spring 2016

Click here to read Establishing a scientific foundation in homeopathy


  • Homeopathy and the Advertising Standards Authority – a strategy by Richard Eaton


  • The role of classical homeopathy today by Soroush Ebrahimi
  • Focussed Mindfulness and homeopathy by Clare Walters
  • The evolution of quantum epigenetics by Jerome Whitney
  • The joy of listening with nothing on our mind by Liliana Bellini
  • Establishing a scientific foundation in homeopathy by Jennifer Poole
  • A patient’s tale by Janette Denley


  • From Pain To Peace by Clare Walters
  • How The Art Of Medicine Makes The Science More Effective by Dr Claudia Welch
  • Marma Therapy by Dr Ernst Schrott et al
  • Principles And Practice Of Homeopathy by David Owen

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