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Spring 2007

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  • Curing, healing and wholeness – Ian Watson
  • Website reviews - Mairi Frost
  • Of mice and modules: a survey of homeopathic software - Theresa Partington
  • Why your mood matters - Lynne McTaggart
  • Secale - Yubraj Sharma
  • Conquering candida - Sherridan L. Stock
  • Treating acutes with homeopathy – part two - Grace DaSilva-Hill
  • Healing the family dynamic with gem medicines - Peter Tumminello

Book Reviews

  • Living with Vitality – The Role of the Life Force in Health & Disease by John Boulderstone
  • Bio-Resonance According to Paul Schmidt by Dietmar Heimes
  • The Milk of Human Kindness by Solveig Francis, Selma James, Phoebe Jones Schellenberg and Nina Lopez-Jones
  • Medicine Flows: Homoeopathic Philosophy by Mo Morrish
  • Comparing Natural Immunity with Vaccination by Trevor Gunn
  • Miasms as Practical Tools by John Saxton