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HiP Autumn 2011



Autumn 2011

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  • Oh Culcutta! – Liz Brynin
  • Eurythmy therapy in Japan – Christiana Renzenbrink
  • A major step in health and wellness – David Gann
  • Gathering the evidence – Barbara Braun and Ruth Odendaal
  • Putting the PR in practitioner – Part three – John Whyte-Venables
  • Practitioners must state the case for CAM – Richard Eaton

Book reviews

  • Homeopathic Types by Frans Kusse
  • Homeopathy For Farm And Garden by Valkunthanath Das Kaviraj
  • Obtianing Optimum Health by Roger Dyson, Rona Francis, Jona Agusta Ragneiddardottir
  • Dirty Medicine – The Handbook by Martin Walker

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