alliance of registered homeopaths

HiP November 2001





  • Double remedies: a healing phenomenon in search of a governing principleLois Hoffer
  • A journey with Hildegard Moya Ross
  • Similars, stimulants and cures John Lunstroth
  • Robin Murphy seminar Myriam Shivadikar
  • Hahnemann as historian Michael Emmans Dean
  • Vaccination and the views of 19th-century homeopaths Frederick Cole
  • Homeopathy in the Great War Sylvain Cazalet, M Geoffrey Miller


  • Colin Griffith
  • Alize Timmerman

Book Reviews

  • Meditative Provings, Madeleine Evans
  • The Spirit of Homeopathic Medicines, Didier Grandgeorge
  • Organon-Synopse: die 6 Auflagen von 1810-1842 im Überblick, Samuel Hahnemann

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