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HiP Spring 2010



Spring 2010

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  •  The evolution of the Organon – Jerome Whitney
  • ‘May the (vital) force be with you!’ – Lionel Milgrom
  • Madness, mesmerism and moral treatments – Theresa Partington
  • How relevant is Hahnemann today? Survey responses from:
    Jeremy Sherr, Dr Farokh Master, Grant Bentley, Eleana Needham, Amanda Saurin, Hilery Dorrian, Margaret Roy, Dr AU Ramakrishnan, Torako Yui, Dr Brian Kaplan, Stella Berg
  • An audacious rebel – Anne Waters
  • Rationelle Heilkunde or Heilkunst? – Ulrike Kessler
  • A commentary upon §9 in Hahnemann’s Organon – Misha Norland
  • How to administer remedies the Hahnemann way – Jan H Døderlein

Book reviews

Due to having so many submissions of articles for this special issue, we ran out of space for book reviews, and have had to postpone articles!

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