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HiP July 2004




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  • CORH: Response to Karin Mont’s Editorial Maggy Wallace
  • CHC: A statement
  • A chakra analysis Lee Pollack
  • Homeopathy and energy Paul Francis
  • The work of the Society for Animal Flower Essence Research Gael Mariani and Martin J. Scott
  • Syphilis the beautiful Stella Berg
  • Practical matters Jo Redmond
  • Using acute intercurrent or intermediate remedies in chronic diseases Luc De Schepper
  • The pituitary gland Roderick Lane
  • Kenya calling Tricia Allen and Margaret Goodyear
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  • Liberal country? Nej Stephanie Arnberg Bengtsson

Book Reviews

  • Dynamic Materia Medica – Syphilis Jeremy Sherr
  • The Materia Medica of Milk ed. Corrie Hiwat and Harry van der Zee
  • Dreams, Symbols and Homeopathy Jane Cicchetti
  • The Adam & Eve Diet Roderick Lane and Sarah Stacey
  • Double Happiness John Carpmael
  • Your Healthy Child with Homeopathy Tricia Allen

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