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HiP Winter 2011


Winter 2011


Winter 2011

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  • Restoring disrupted circadian rhythms – Elizabeth Adalian
  • The homeopathic long view – Jerome Whitney
  • Working in palliative care – Ali Morrish
  • Janice Butcher, Gemma Hoefkens and cancer – Gemma Hoefkens
  • Janice Butcher’s approach to the treatment of cancer sufferers – Meg Brinton
  • Homeopathy and our psyche – Sue Smith
  • Putting the PR in practitioner – Part four – John Whyte-Venables

Book reviews

  • The Art of Case Taking by Pierre Schmidt
  • Organotherapy, Drainage & Detoxification by Dr Joe Rozencwajg
  • The Heart in the Womb by Amali Lokugamage

Inspiring Creative Supervision by Caroline Schuck and Jane Wood

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