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HiP Spring/Summer 2014



HiP Spring/Summer 2014

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  • Healthcare choice and human rights Richard Eaton


  • The evolution of mental-emotional symptoms. Lycopodium – from Hahnemann to Coulter Jerome Whitney
  • Volunteering in Ghana – an adventure Michelle Shine
  • Bioregulatory Medicine Dr Tatyana Bosh
  • Remembering Catherine R. Coulter Katja Schütt
  • All hands on deck Petra Bryan
  • From Bedlam to ‘care in the community’: re imagining mental healthcare from a homeopathic perspective Rix Pyke
  • Profound trauma Anne Gorham


  • Principles of Bach Flower Remedies by Stefan Ball
  • Provings Volume 1. Mobile Phone, Magnet, Time, Volcanic Ash
  • and Meteorite by Nuala Eising
  • The Natural Medicine Guide for Travel & Home by Richard Pitt
  • Homeopathy for Chickenpox, Homeopathy for Influenza,
  • Homeopathy for Measles, Homeopathy for Mumps,
  • Homeopathy for Stress by Ann Sorrell
  • The Handbook of Bach Flower Remedies for Animals by Enric Homedes
  • Menopause: A Heroine’s Journey by Lynne Russell
  • Which Medicines and why not? by Simone Oates

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