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HiP July 2003




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  • Letter from Kenya Alison Pittendrigh
  • Is ‘just’ homeopathy enough? Peter Smith
  • Hidden maintaining causes Colin Griffith
  • Why women get ill Linda Razzell
  • The metal in your mouth Kyriacos Hajikakou
  • Aspartame disease: outbreak Betty Martini
  • Toxicity: the way forward Sally Ann Hutcheson
  • Low thyroid function Roderick Lane
  • Welsh conference June Sayer and Barry Burton
  • Treating allergies Peter Crockett
  • A forgotten milestone Colin Lessell
  • The effects of Arnica montana in dental extraction Louise Rohan
  • A case of hepatitis C Givon Zirkind
  • David Lilley Seminar Lesley Murray
  • Viewpoint Steve Scrutton

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