HiP Autumn 2010



Autumn 2010

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  • The dynamic trio – homeopathy, kinesiology and toxicology: A case of impetigo – Sally Ann Hutcheson and Nicky Lee
  • Saving a lost generation: Autism and homeopathy – Carol Boyce
  • Phalera bucephala – The buff-tip moth – Brigitte Klotzsch
  • Homeopathic E.R. – Jo Ketteman
  • Sudden shock – crash, bang: How does a child experience it? – Anne Schadde
  • Teenage angst – Stella Berg
  • Childhood ear infections and their treatment – Hilery Dorrian
  • Working with babies and children – Miranda Castro
  • The tyranny of normality – tick lists, charts and control – Amanda Saurin

Book reviews

  • Homeopathy And Mental Health Care –Integrative Practice, Principles and Research – Edited by Christopher K Johannes, PhD and Harry van der Zee, MD
  • Autism Beyond Despair by Titus Smits
  • The Homeopathic Miasms: A Modern View by Ian Watson
  • Plastic Wrapped: The homoeopathic proving of Cling film by Stuart Deeks
  • The Potency: Advanced Prescribing in Homeopathy by Joe Rozencwaj

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