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HiP Autumn/Winter 2018



Autumn/Winter 2018
In full COLOUR!

Click here to read First impressions count by Tracy Karkut-Law


  • News from the Chair – Let’s build a door Karin Mont
  • News

News Feature

  • A day in the life … Landmark conference on water science Lionel Milgrom and Dana Ullman

Practice Matters


  • Homeopathy – big ideas Mani Norland

Media Matters

  • The need for a public health debate Steve Scrutton


  • Ayahuasca, medicine of the jungle – part two Yubraj Sharma
  • How do homeopaths treat their alcohol-dependent patients? Julia Lockwood


  • Dreams in Homeopathy by Prakash Vakil
  • Burnett Rediscovered by Dion Tabrett
  • Life Is Meant For Losing by Torako Yui
  • Too Many Pills by James Le Fanu

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