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HiP Autumn 2013


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HiP Autumn 2013

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  • Reply to ‘Moral panic’ – Peter Morrell


  • Homeopathy research at Barcelona 2013 – Lionel Milgrom
  • Inheritance, new miasms, and epigenetics – Jerome Whitney
  • The mirror within: The Kabbalah, counselling and homeopathy – Linda Rauch
  • Interview with Michelle Shine – Part two – Elizabeth Adalian
  • Working with the matridonal remedies of the Human family – Lorraine Grayston
  • My adventures with homeopathy – Dawn Minall


  • The Force: Living Safely In A World Of Electromagnetic Pollution by Lyn McLean
  • Would You Put Your Head In A Microwave Oven? by Gerald Goldberg
  • Radioactivity: Protection Against The Effects Of Radioactive Emissions
  • by Ravi Roy & Carola Lage-Roy
  • Mind Over Medicine by Dr Lissa Rankin
  • Rose Quartz by Peter Tumminello