HiP Autumn/Winter 2020



HiP Autumn/Winter 2020

  • News from the Chair – Life-sustaining fungi  Karin Mont

News Feature

  • COVID-19 webinars with Robin Murphy Meg Brinton


  • Nuclear power, radiation and the occult – part two Yubraj Sharma
  • Interview with Tinna Thorlacius Mary Ellis
  • A clarion call for homeopathy Elizabeth Adalian 
  • COVID-19 – The pharmacy perspective Tony Pinkus
  • COVID-19 – Overcoming fear with homeopathy Brigitte Klotzch
  • Briefing for a descent into medicalisation Lionel Milgrom
  • Finding the COVID-19 homeoprophylactic Jennifer Poole


  • Talking To Strangers by Malcolm Gladwell
  • Matridonal Remedies by Heinz Wittwer
  • The Solo Squid by Susan Grossey
  • The Birth Of Homeopathy Out Of The Spirit Of Romanticism by Alice A. Kuzniar
  • Waterworld by Viktória Bodrogi

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