HiP Winter/Spring 2017



Winter/Spring 2017

Now in full COLOUR!

Click here to read Self-fulfilment through the integration of homeopathy, coherent breathing and Qigong © Kenneth Silvestri

News Features

  • Brexit – the silver lining by Karin Mont
  • Investing in the future: The ARH bursary fund
  • A letter from America by Sally Tamplin
  • Two healers by Daf Bergin

Practice Matters

  • Email strategy to build a busy practice by Tracy Karkut-Law


  • What civilised debate? And I don’t mean Brexit! by Lionel Milgrom
  • Bad Science by Ben Goldacre, revisited nine years after publication by Peter Adams



  • Autism Reversal Toolbox by Jerry M Kantor
  • It’s All In Your Head by Suzanne O’Sullivan
  • Yoga For Grief And Loss by Kara Helbert
  • Homeopathy Of Tomorrow by Dr M A Usmani

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