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HiP Winter 2004




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  • Homeopathy and energy (Part 2) Paul Francis
  • Using acute intercurrent or intermediate remedies in chronic diseases (Part 2) Luc De Schepper
  • The homeopathic treatment of infertility: A quantitative approach to case-note material Lyn Rajan
  • Monosodium glutamate: The naturally bad boy of food processing Roderick Lane
  • New Horizons: The ARH Summer Seminar Theresa Partington
  • The case of the girl who drew on the painting Linda Razzell
  • C4 potencies: Exploring a different way of working with homeopathy Alize Timmerman, reported by Meg Brinton and Mary Miller
  • Al-Qaeda: A rupture in tradition Charles Wansbrough


  • Martin Walker Louise Mclean

Book Reviews

  • Compendium of Human Diseases and their Cure by Homoeopathic TreatmentShaik Rahmathullah
  • The Trials of Homeopathy Michael Emmans Dean
  • Repertory of 20 Meditative Provings Susan Palmer
  • Dynamic Provings, Vol. II Jeremy Sherr and the Dynamis School
  • Reply from Jeremy Sherr
  • The Tao of Homeopathy Ian Watson

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