HiP Spring/Summer 2019



Spring/Summer 2019


  • News from the Chair – The next giant leap by Karin Mont
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News Features

  • ARH Conference: 11 May 2019 by Jo Lane
  • The ‘hidden’ benefits of the health and wellbeing sector by Claire Squire


  • Investing in the future: The ARH bursary fund Various authors 
  • Tale of two remedies: Hekla lava and Hekla tephra by Guðrún Tinna Thorlacius
  • Euphrasia officinalis: Amanda’s case by Mary Foley 
  • Revisiting and refreshing the five main miasms by Sue Smith 
  • Allergic to water: A case of aquagenic urticaria by Jennifer Poole


  • The REAL Epidemic by Catherine O’Driscoll
  • Nature’s Medicine Code by Danica Apolline
  • My Recovery From Brain Cancer by Gemma Hoefkins 
  • Dodging Energy Vampires by Christiane Northrup 

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