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HiP Spring/Summer 2018



Spring/Summer 2018
In full COLOUR!
Click here to read Dealing with vaccine hesitancy in Europe by Helen Kimball-Brooke


  • News from the Chair – Threescore years and ten – Karin Mont
  • News

News Features

  • Investing in the future – The ARH bursary fund – Various authors
  • Dealing with ‘vaccine hesitancy’ in Europe – Helen Kimball-Brooke
  • Real Immunity – An interview with Cilla Whatcott – Sally Tamplin


  • The NHS and CAM: Time to engage – Richard Eaton


  • Homeopathic remedies from endangered species – Barbara Braun and Richard Pitt


  • Psyche And Structure by Peter Tumminello
  • Natural Causes by Barbara Ehrenreich
  • The Poisoned Well by Maria Jevtic

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