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HiP Spring 2005




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    • The Sheaf Trust: Supporting Health in Africa Alison Pittendrigh
    • Beacon of hope: Homeopathy in Senegal Jennie Taylor
    • Some notes for travellers Colin Lessell
    • Athyrium filix-femina (Lady fern): A homeopathic and meditative proving Moya Ross
    • Pssst! Dare we talk about it? Prostate disease and dysfunction Roderick Lane
    • A question of focus Jo Redmond
    • Infertility: Emotional and psychological blocks Eileen McNeill
    • The Allium twins Trevor M. Cook
    • The life and work of Clemens Maria Franz von Bönninghausen Theresa Partington
    • The work of The Society for Animal Flower Essence Research Gael Mariani and Martin J. Scott
    • Sycosis the forward-looking Stella Berg

(Supplementary sheet)

  • Good old Calc-carb.Judy Coldicott
  • Lycopodium man and Lachesis woman Liz Lalor

Book Reviews

  • Skewed Martin J. Walker
  • The No Nonsense Vaccine Handbook Liz Bevan-Jones and Yvonne Stone
  • Homeopathic Remedies For The Stages Of Life Didier Grandgeorge
  • Tissue Salts: Super-nutrition for dogs Gael Mariani and Martin J. Scott
  • Homœopathic Diagnosis: Hahnemann through Bönninghausen George Dimitriadis

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