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HiP January 2004




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  • Alcoholism: a research project Nigel Hargreaves
  • JP Gallavardin and the treatment of alcoholics Theresa Partington
  • Mental health – the alternative approach Wyn Thomas
  • Working with MIND in Tower Hamlets Lesley Murphy
  • Setting up down under: Kate Diamantopoulo’s diary Veronica Walton
  • Complementary medicine – prepare for the future Richard Eaton
  • Over the rainbow Julian Winston
  • Who’s who on the HIP team
  • Hypoglycemia: the grand deceiver Roderick Lane
  • Thuja: The Tree of Life Sue Leach
  • Society of Homeopaths’ conference


  • Vive la différence Richard Palk


  • Linda Gwillim Mike Matthews

Book Reviews

  • A Companion to Homeopathic Studies Dr Colin Lessell
  • Core Elements of the Materia Medica of the Mind Ananda Zaren
  • Signatures, Miasms, Aids: Spiritual Aspects of Homeopathy Misha Norland
  • Taking Off: Homeopathy from Theory to Practice Daphne Nancholas
  • Homeopathy for Accidents and Emergencies Kate Diamantopoulo and Sarah Clarke
  • Hyperhealth John Jezewski

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