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HiP Autumn 2012



HiP Autumn 2012

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  • A guide to homoeopathic diagnosis – Jacqualine Dimitriadis
  • Sustainability: homeopathy’s emerging strength – Delny Britton
  • Iridology through the homeopathic looking glass – Part Two – Keri Williams
  • Classical homeopathy in the treatment of neutropenia – Jennifer Poole
  • The importance of men’s health in fertility – Thierry Clerc


  • Challenging Children – Success with Homeopathy by Linlee Jordan
  • Homeopathy for Anger and Mortification by Massimo Mangialavori
  • The Nation’s Health by Ernest Roberts
  • Double-Helix Water by David L Gann and Shui-yin Lo
  • Using Correspondences in Homoeopathy by Peter Fraser
  • Using Provings in Homoeopathy by Peter Fraser

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