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HiP April 2003




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  • Letter from Kenya Alison Pittendrigh
  • CPD for complementary medicine: is the self-assessment approach the way forward? Annmarie Ruston, Julie Clayton, Alan Ruston
  • Viewpoint Colette Neal
  • Finding the remedy Petter Viksveen
  • The politics of homeopathy Steve Scrutton
  • ARH New Year Seminar Theresa Partington
  • The cycle of Conium maculatum Paul Herscu with Chris Ryan
  • CORH: who are we and what are we doing? Maggy Wallace
  • James Compton Burnett: His heroes and contemporaries (and some antagonists!) Meg Brinton
  • A homeopathic timeline Meg Brinton
  • The Organon: Lutze’s sixth edition discovered!
  • Samuel Hahnemann’s ‘mysterious’ Q potencies Luise Kunkle

Book Reviews

  • The handbook of clinical trials and other research Alan Earl-Slater
  • A homeopathic approach to cancer A.U. Ramakrishnan and Catherine R. Coulter
  • Provings – with a proving of Alcoholus Paul Herscu

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