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ARH Spring Conference 2023 – Online

An incredible journey!

This coming weekend, 25-26 March, we are embarking on an incredible journey. We will be transported by our online conference, and we will be guided by some of the most experienced homeopaths in practice today, as we visit important places en route.

This is an invitation to join us on this important voyage of discovery!

If you have already booked your place, that’s great, we look forward to seeing you on Saturday! You will receive your registration link soon.

If you have yet to book, time is racing by, so book your place now – you don’t want to miss this exciting opportunity to be inspired, and to extend your existing knowledge-base.

First, two important points:

  1. This conference is open to EVERYONE interested in health and homeopathy – ARH members AND non-ARH members are ALL very welcome!
  2. If your weekend is already booked elsewhere, don’t worry! Recordings of all the presentations will be available to delegates shortly after the event. In addition to videos of the presentations, there will be audio-recordings to listen to whilst on the move, plus all the handouts – a massive package to re-visit whenever you like, as often as you like.

Our incredible journey – a walk through the timetable

Our journey starts with an exploration of the kingdoms, their classification, and how we interrelate, or fail to interrelate, with these complex entities which are so essential to life. Dr Shekhar Algundgi has been practicing homeopathy for thirty years, and has studied with well-known homeopaths such as Rajan Sankaran, Luc de Schepper and Jayesh Shah. Dr Algundgi runs a busy practice in Mumbai, and is committed to sharing his wealth of knowledge through an extensive teaching programme. He will guide us through the kingdoms, showing how their classification can help us in our quest to find the similimum.

Next, we consider blood, that essential body-fluid, which delivers oxygen and nutrients to our cells, and removes carbon dioxide and waste products away from our cells. Homeopath and Nutritionist, Thierry Clerc, runs a busy practice in Cambridge, where metabolic health issues form a large part of his practice. He uses blood pathology testing to help asses a patient’s overall level of health, and identify the health and lifestyle changes needed to help restore patient’s overall wellbeing. Recently, Thierry wrote an in-depth article about blood pathology testing for Homeopathy in Practice, our journal, which we published in two parts: Winter 2021/2022 & Spring/Summer 2022. In this presentation, Thierry will explain how understanding the information reveled by studying the blood markers, can help to make an effective prescription.

Our next port of call takes us to Covid territory, more specifically, to the land where people have experienced adverse reactions following the jabs. There are different ways in which we can support patients who have been negatively impacted by the jabs, and we have two different perspectives to share on this important issue. Hilery Dorrian reminds us of some of the most common presenting symptoms, and the protocols she has found particularly helpful in re-balancing the vital force, and improving overall wellbeing.

The primary focus of Dr Cathy May Lemmon is homeoprophylaxis, and she received her initial training in homeoprophylaxis from Dr Isaac Golden. In her presentation, Cathy will consider the important role that homeoprophylaxis is likely to play in helping those affected by the jab, to recalibrate. Although this is still a relatively new area of study, the potential for homeoprophylaxis to help in these cases, provides a very bright ‘glimmer’ of hope during these challenging times.


From the new and challenging (Covid + the jabs), we move back to a more familiar, though sometimes also challenging, topic: The crucial role agrohomeopathy has to play in improving the health of our over-exploited planet. Mark O’Sullivan studied agrohomeopathy with the late Kaviraj, and has been training horticulturists in the practice for over a decade. His success at managing a destructive infestation of honey fungus at an orchard in Sonairte, Ireland was written up in our journal, Homeopathy in Practice, in the Summer/Autumn edition, 2016. Mark provided us with an update on the orchard at our online conference in May 2021. His presentation this year will revisit the orchard, and map out its progress to date. Mark will also show how leaf symptoms can reveal the underlying pathology of a plant/tree, which may indicate the need for tissue salts in order to restore balance.

Important reminder!

From Saturday evening to Sunday morning, all of us in the UK will time-travel forward by one hour – the clocks change from Greenwich Mean Time to British Summer Time – don’t forget to put your clock FORWARD by one hour before retiring on Saturday night!

The next stage of our Conference journey is heralded by a spring wake-up call for forward-thinking homeopaths! Are we ready? Shoshannah Phoenix (formerly Rowena Ronson) introduces us to the exciting world of functional medicine, something which we can all integrate into our practices to enhance patient outcomes. And everything revolves around the DNA of our nervous system. Shoshannah has been working with this ground-breaking approach to practice for some time now, and has found it invaluable in determining the best prescribing protocols for her patients. This presentation provides an overview of a methodology which has the potential to make a real difference to our patients.


Back to the health of our planet, the Whole Health Agriculture (WHAg) team have been working with farmers for a number of years now, to encourage responsible, sustainable whole health approaches to food production. Chris Aukland and Jackie Pearce Dickens introduced us to the work of WHAg at our conference last year. This year they are offering a LIVE (as opposed to pre-recorded) update, including the development of their online training course for farmers, and how this work can be taken forward for the future. There will be plenty of time for you to ask them questions.



Our next stop focusses on a very practical issue: Managing first aid and acute cases. We all know how difficult it has become to book an appointment with a doctor. This has led to an increasing number of patients having to choose between enduring unpleasant symptoms, or self-prescribing. The homeopathic pharmacies have seen a significant increase in patients contacting them for help. There is a real need ‘out there’, but we know that some homeopaths feel reluctant to work with acute cases unless they already know the patient. David Needleman has run the Homeopathic Helpline since 1996, and he has dealt with every acute situation imaginable. In his presentation, David will offer guidance (based on his own considerable experience), about how to be a responsible, confident, competent, effective and SAFE acute prescriber.


Our journey now reaches more troubled waters – the damage we seem to do as we move towards creating a more ‘convenient’ and ‘manageable’ world, through the ever increasing use of technology. The ‘creep’ of 5G globally has raised a number of health concerns, yet governments everywhere seem consistently reluctant to acknowledge that there might be significant safety issues associated with this novel technology. Katherine Armitage is a practising homeopath who has made it her business to study and evaluate the risks that the 5G rollout poses. As she attended the Judicial Review in February, which questioned if the Government had properly considered the public health impact of 5G, she can give us more detail about the case. As an anti-5G activist herself, Katherine will also be able to advise us on the most effective strategies to employ if we want to challenge the introduction of 5G in our area.


Our incredible journey concludes by taking us to place beyond our familiar, everyday earthly experience – the etheric realm. This is a place where the invisible organising forces of the natural world, work to hold everything together – a sort of cosmic Vital Force. Dr Yubraj Sharma has an incredible breadth of knowledge; he is a conventionally trained medical doctor, a homeopath, and an expert in the field of alternative medicine. He successfully integrates homeopathy with standard sciences, Chinese medicine, astrology, anthroposophical medicine and spirituality. Yubraj will help us to better understand the laws of the etheric realm, and how human activity impacts upon, or is limited by, this realm that seems to exist both within, and without, us!

This is a journey not to be missed, so if you haven’t already done so, please book now. Hurry though, bookings close at 20.00 on Friday 24 March!

And don’t forget, if you can’t manage to journey with us in real time, you can catch up with the recordings afterwards!

If you can join us in real time, chartered marketer Helen Harding will be running FREE introductory marketing clinics during the breaks, designed to help you to build a successful practice.

And then there are our wonderful exhibitors, just waiting for you to visit them during the breaks. They include:

  • The Alliance for Natural Health International
  • New Vistas Healthcare
  • Ainsworths
  • The Travelling Homeopaths Collective
  • Narayana Remedies

Cost: Just £65 for two very full days, plus the recordings afterwards!

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