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ARH Conference 2022 – Health and resilience!

ARH Conference 2022 – Health and resilience!
14 – 15 May 2022

STOP PRESS! Bookings for this event have now closed.

The good news is that the recordings will be available soon. Delegates will automatically be informed when the recordings are ready for viewing. If you missed the event, but are interested in the recordings, please call us on 01825 714 506 for more information.

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We are all learning to work in an unpredictable, and often challenging, environment, which can impact upon the physical, emotional and mental health of even the strongest among us. During our virtual conference 2022, we will explore how we can best enhance our overall resilience,  in order to  support our own health and wellbeing, and that of our patients.

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The event will be delivered via a user-friendly, interactive conference platform, which will give you plenty of opportunities  to network with your friends and colleagues, and browse the exhibitors’ tables.

There will be activity sessions, to help keep you energised and focussed.

Don’t worry, we will make sure that all delegates are provided with comprehensive  (and easy to understand) instructions, beforehand, so you really can make the most of it.

Conference videos and PowerPoint presentations will be made available to delegates after the event, so you can revisit them as many times as you like. This will also include audio recordings, which you can listen to whist you are on the move.

Our speakers, and the topics they will present include:

Alda Anastasi
Riders of the storm
In this presentation, Alda will take us on a journey which will explore the nature of resilience, and its intimate connection with the dynamic action of homeopathic remedies. She will also introduce us to the remedy profile of Cynomorium coccineum, which can be seen as the both the simillimum for the disenfranchised, and as an analogy for health and resilience.

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Em Colley
Happy You: Happy Practice
If you’re the sort of person who has it all in balance, work, life, happiness, work, family etc, this talk is probably not for you.
However, if you’ve experienced burnout, or are struggled with finding space for yourself amidst a busy practice, or being busy trying to get your practice going, then I hope there’ll be something in this session for you.
I will intertwine theory and research with practical exercises and ideas to take away and implement immediately. It’s easy to think there’s not space for us whilst we run around after everyone else, but I would argue, if there’s no space for you, you’ll be less able to care for everybody else.

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Martine Mercy
Spring always follows winter
When your emotional world is changes from a joyful summer to a long and challenging winter,  Fossil Remedies are here to help with our emotional ‘winter’.
We shall study five fossil remedies:

  1. Trauma: Agglestone
  2. Fear: Oliva sanaya
  3. Difficult journey: Pecten texanus
  4. Hope: Rastellum
  5. Rebuilding one’s life= Belmnites

Like nature, lets have faith in the coming spring and look forward to brighter days, especially with the help of these wonderful remedies.

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Dr Sarah Myhill
Energy; an essential component for health and resilience
In this presentation Dr Myhill will explore a range of different principles which can be applied to improve energy levels naturally, in order to optimise overall health and resilience.

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Tony Pinkus
Homeopathy through Covid 19

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Dr Yubraj Sharma
The paradigm of science
The argument against homeopathy is invariably approached from a science perspective. However the core foundations of science need critical analysis. An overview of etheric science will be given, which is yet to be accepted by the mainstream. This integrates the new theories underlying homeopathic action, such as quantum entanglement, nanomolecules and exclusion-zone water. The talk will also address several scientifically hard problems such as nature of consciousness, flaws in evolution theory, and the illusion of placebo controlled randomised double-blind trials.

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Myriam Shivadikar
The Psychological Legacy of Covid
Covid has heralded many changes world-wide & this has and is still affecting all of us.
During the lockdowns I ran a free advisory homeopathy ‘helpline’ for patients, this gave me insights into the acute emotional states at that time. 2 years later, the ripple effects are crystallising into clear chronic mental themes which could leave a legacy for future generations.
In this talk, I will be covering various emotional aspects with remedies:

  • The acute state, fear & the HPA axis.
  • Cellular memory & re-activation of old traumas
  • The Collective memory & national reactions
  • Reactions & susceptibility: The Miasmatic perspective
  • The Un-vaxxed miasm
  • The emotional snake
  • The legacy & future projections

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Whole Health Agriculture (WHAg)
Whole Farm, Whole Food, Whole Health – with Chris Aukland and Jackie Pearce-Dickens
Whole Health Agriculture (WHAg) helps farmers learn and adopt alternatives to antibiotics and synthetic chemicals. Farmers who do this effectively report enhanced health and wellbeing in their animals, alongside less frequency and severity of disease. In this session WHAg’s Learning Centre team – homeopathic vet Chris Aukland and homeopath Jackie Pearce-Dickens – share how they teach farmers a system based on prevention and early intervention to increase vitality and resilience, and lower susceptibility of livestock.

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Torako Yui
Zen homeopathy
In Japan, Torako has developed ZEN homeopathy, an approach in which the body, mind, and soul are viewed as a trinity to be healed together. The elimination of waste products at all levels, body, mind and soul, is seen as an important part of the healing process.
As a representative of Nippon TOYOUKE Natural Farming, Torako will also explore the physical and spiritual significance of plants as part of the healing process.
As an example of the practical application of Zen homeopathy, Torako will share two cases where radiation exposure caused organ malformations and cancer – both were helped by Zen homeopathy.
Torako will also consider Zen homeopathy in relation to the spiritual evolution of humankind, the spiritual view of the new coronavirus, and the development of a support remedy for the new coronavirus.

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