alliance of registered homeopaths
"Although it seems strange that such a safe
and effective therapy can cause such a
reaction, this is now happening to
homeopathy quite frequently."

They don’t want you to know how good Homeopathy is!

In the London borough of Haringey, Gill Turner, a teacher and a qualified homeopath, was asked to start a small homeopathic clinic in a new children’s centre attached to the school. After much hard work preparing the venture she eventually … Continue reading

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Wonderful Moments in Homeopathy

A group of my Homeopathy colleagues got talking about some of their ‘magic’ or ‘wonderful moments’ in experiencing Homeopathy recently. It started like this, when we were discussing the treatment of Salmonella food poisoning.

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The Handman – an amazing cure with Homeopathy

This article was first published in the ARH magazine, “Homeopathy in Practice”, Summer 2005 edition. Alison Pittendrigh, a UK trained Homeopathy, who runs the Frontline Homeopathy project near Mombasa in Kenya, was the author. No day of rest It was … Continue reading

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