ARH Application for Registration – Graduate 

Please pay for your registration application first, by clicking on the link below:

Apply for ARH registration using this form if you qualified as a homeopath LESS than three years ago.

Insurance: As an ARH member you can apply for insurance with Balens via the ARH Block Scheme, at a competitive rate. Please email Balens on, or phone 01684 580 771 to arrange your cover.

Please email a copy of your graduation certificate and current insurance certificate (if insured outside of the ARH block scheme) to:

    Name and address details

    Date of Birth *

    Homeopathic Training and Colleges

    Colleges attended and qualifications gained – please include full name of college, contact details and date when attended

    Graduation Date *

    Homeopathic Training Evidence

    Where can we find evidence that you completed at least 100 hours of clinical training and submitted a minimum of 5 cases as party of your graduation criteria

    College Referee

    Please provide the name, email address, and address of the college principle, supervisor or tutor who would supply a reference relating to your homeopathic knowledge, skills and competence.

    Professional Referee

    Please provide the name, email address, and address of a professional person (not related to you) whom you have known for at least 3 years, and who can provide a personal reference.

    Further Information

    If you answer YES to any of questions 2 to 8, please provide full details in the box below.

    1. Do you hold a First Aid Certificate?

    2. Do you have professional indemnity insurance that covers you for the practice of homeopathy?

    3. Has any insurer ever cancelled, declined, refused to renew, or accepted on special terms your professional indemnity insurance ?

    4. Have you ever been struck off a professional register ?

    5. Are there any unresolved or outstanding complaints or disciplinary actions against you ?

    6. Have you ever been convicted of a CRIMINAL offence ?

    7. Do you have any medical problems that would prevent you from practicing homeopathy ?

    8. Do you hold qualifications in other conventional or CAM disciplines ?

    9. Do you belong to any other professional association ?

    If you answered YES to any of questions 2 to 8, please provide full details here.

    Information to be placed on the ARH and Find a Homeopath websites

    Please contact us separately if you need multiple addresses listed

    Additional Supporting Information

    Accept the ARH terms statement

    “I am aware of no convictions, claims, suits or other circumstances which could reasonably lead to a claim being made, or action initiated against me in relation to my homeopathic practice. I confirm I have read the ARH Code of Ethics, I agree to practise in accordance with the ARH Code of Ethics. I also agree to undertake regular CPD in order to maintain and further develop my professional skills. I certify the above details to be true and correct. I understand that the ARH will use my personal data in the manner described in the ARH privacy policy, which is available on the ARH website.”