Wonderful Moments in Homeopathy

A group of my Homeopathy colleagues got talking about some of their ‘magic’ or ‘wonderful moments’ in experiencing Homeopathy recently. It started like this, when we were discussing the treatment of Salmonella food poisoning.
I cured Salmonella poisoning once in myself in about 30 seconds with the bowel nosode Gaertner – in a 30c (which contains salmonella). One of those miracle cures we all know about in an acute situation. It went from pain, cramping, sweating, about to throw up – to nothing – in the click of a finger! (Erica)
Oh! Erica! … aren’t those just wonderful moments! Happened to me many years’ ago. I had an eye problem and, after suffering miserable symptoms all day (and in front of a computer), I was given a remedy and wham! all the symptoms disappeared within seconds! I was a new patient to homeopathy and I was so impressed. (Anne)
I had a similar ‘magic’ experience, after my first visit to a Homeopath for my painful gastric ulcers. I was given a remedy before I left, and walking out of his house, towards my car, I could feel the remedy working. I knew something was going on, something healing. And within a few weeks, no more ulcers. Never again was I going to say “Homeopathy? Nonsense, I don’t believe it that sort of thing!”

Others soon joined in with their own ‘magical’ homeopathic moments.
One of my simple and wonderful moments, of the very many, happened when a lady I was working for had a severe reaction to a sun cream that she had used. Her face was completely swollen, puffy, red, eyes swollen and stinging, she said her face felt so tight, she thought it would explode. She had been googling on the internet, reading other peoples experiences, and she was starting to panic.

This was before I qualified, I was at college, but I always carry a bag of remedies with me. I suggested she try Apis 30c and to take a couple more during the day if she needed it.
By the end of the day her face was back to normal and there was a big fuss around the office, about how amazing this was. She said at the time she was now a convert, but I don’t know if she ever used homeopathic remedies again. But how wonderful anyhow. (Sylvia)

My friend’s daughter, then 17 years old came to visit us, and had such bad period pain she could only sit on the chair with her knees drawn up close. One dose of the remedy, Chocolate, and two minutes later the pain was completely gone. (Marianne)

Which one to pick? I used to be a teacher and had parents’ written permission to give homoeopathic first aid on school trips. On a residential visit to France, one boy was allergic to eggs and, having been told that îleflottante contained eggs, went ahead and ate it, thinking it wouldn’t have any effect. I was sent for urgently as he was having a bad allergic reaction; I had a limited number of remedies, and thought the nearest I could get was Apis 30c. Another teacher was with me and we both witnessed with amazement what happened next. The remedy touched the boy’s tongue and he at once vomited without effort, expelling all the contents of his stomach. After half an hour he was out playing football; that trip to the hospital for treatment for anaphylactic shock was avoided by a wee sugar pill. (Neil)

I had a little finger severely crushed when my front door banged shut. The pain was so excruciating, that I nearly fainted on the door step. My husband gave me Hypericum 10M, every five minutes, and repeated when the pain became unbearable again. The pain had completely gone after two hours. The following day the finger looked completely normal, good pink colour, no signs of bruising at all, apart from a broken nail which just grew up again healthily. (Grace)

Grace almost the exact thing happened to me last week. So glad I knew of hypericum. It was agonising! (Gemma)
The only amazing experience I have had may be a little too wacky for your blog, Steve, but here-goes anyway! I had a wasp sting on one one the fingers of my left had while gardening, went indoors and opened a bottle of Apis which I was holding in the same hand. Before removing a pill the pain vanished and I don’t think I bothered to take it. It wasn’t even a bee sting! Presumably the energy of the remedy was close enough to my sting for it to work. (Teresa)

(Well, it does sound a bit wacky, perhaps even far-fetched, but I have heard about this so many times it is now difficult for me not to believe something is happening. Remember that most of our skeptic detractors think Homeopathy is nonsense anyway, that there is nothing in any of our remedies. So I thought I would publish your experience – just to annoy them)!
My gardener told me that his mum was behaving in a psychotic way since the menopause and they were about to have her sectioned. At first he said she was obsessed with everything being right and straight and was very bossy so I suggested he give her Arsenicum. It had some effect, then a few days later he told me something.(I can’t remember what as it was a few years ago) and I knew it was Sepia. I gave him Sepia 1m for her (she was happy about Homeopathy) and soon after he told me she had completely gone back to normal. (Suzy).

A year or so after qualifying I was seeing a patient who, at the end of the consultation, mentioned that she had been plagued by an ingrowing toenail for some weeks which was making getting about very painful for her. Although I hadn’t ever tried this before, as she left I gave her Mag-aust 2M with which Clarke had had so much success. The following morning she rang me with the news that she was delighted to be completely pain free. The pain has never returned. (Peter).
A magic moment that I always quote to patients who ask how quickly remedies can act is the incidence of a fellow student at college who always used to bring her (usually very quiet and contented) baby to lectures. One day he would not settle and fidgeted and cried continuously, despite all efforts because he happened to be cutting his first tooth. Somebody had a Chamomilla 30C in their remedy kit, gave it to the little boy and effect was just like a switch. He became quiet & content again literally in under a second ….! (Sue).
And then, Fiona supplied these, saying that “even though I am fully converted and know how well homeopathy works it still never ceases to amaze me!” I could not agree more.

14 years ago, before I really understood homeopathy and used Arnica for bruises and Chamomilla for teething, we were on holiday in Cornwall and met the rest of our friends in the pub. Our then one year old daughter was screaming her head off, bright red in the face, overtired but refusing to sleep. I gave her one ABC (probably a 6 x or c as I believed then that is all you should give children). She stopped instantly and fell straight asleep for hours. The rest of the group were open mouthed and asked whether we had given her valium!!

My son, aged 6 decided to undo his shoe laces with his teeth (just as we were rushing out for the theatre), he managed to rip a loose tooth out by what looked like the root. Blood started pouring from it. I tried to stop the bleeding with a tissue and pressure, but still pouring. I left him holding the tissue with strict instructions not to get blood on his clothes, gave him an Arnica 200 (in front of my somtimes sceptical daughters) and it stopped instantly, enabling us to get to the theatre on time – and amaze not only me, but the girls too.
My eldest daughter became fluey November 5 years ago and I perservered with homeopathy for 3 weeks with no improvement. She was pale, had a cough, no appetite or energy, laying on the sofa all day. In desperation I went to the GP and of course was given an antibiotic prescription. I was considering getting antibiotics as I didn’t know what else to do when a friend suggested I call her homeopath. With someone else looking at it from a fresh perspective the correct remedy was chosen (Carcinosin). I gave her the remedy Monday 8pm, by Tuesday afternoon she was playing with her brother and sister, on the Wednesday she started eating and was up and about and Thursday back to school!! A case to completely disprove placebo effect as an excellent homeopath was treating her, but the remedies tried weren’t correct.

My Dad, a non alternative health believer, suffered severe hayfever from age 17, he tried antihistamines, steroid injections and suffered severely every summer. 25 years ago my mother persuaded him to see Janice Micalef and after one week of remedies – cured! Every year he takes a few remedies throughout the week for the season and no longer suffers. He still doesn’t really believe in homeopathy though!!

Sadna then supplied these – saying that she had many, many others.

My friend got a splinter in her finger from gardening which was very painful. One dose of hepar sulph 30c. I rang her the next day to ask how her finger was and she had forgotten that there was a problem with her finger – the pain and splinter had disappeared!

I hurt my back through a succession of events over a few days which included gardening, hoovering and lifting heavy items. One morning I suddenly found myself unable to sit, stand straight or even move without being in pain.Every position I moved into caused excrutiating pain. One dose of Bryonia 200c and my back straightened within half an hour, second dose few hours later and my back pain had gone completely.

My husband had been walking through a dusty building site and came home with a feeling of grit in his eyes. Eyes had become red and sore and inflamed, one dose of Aconite 200c took his symptoms away.

My mum had one of her back teeth removed one dose of Emerald 30c along with Arnica 1M and she was having a full meal couple of hours later – no painkillers taken!
When my daughter was just over a year old she developed croup which was very frightening, symptoms included heavy loud breathing it felt to us as if she was struggling to breathe, the first time it happened we took her to A&E in the middle of the night and they reassured us she was fine. The next time it happened I gave her a dose of hepar sulph 30c and the symptoms vanished within minutes – just like magic! Since then she has had a lot more homeopathy to build her her constitution.

And so they go on. If you have a magic, or wonderful moment relating to Homeopathy, do tell me about it. They can be made into a regular blog!