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Sensation Homeopathy; the Lanthanides and Actinides – Glasgow

Sensation Homeopathy; the Lanthanides and Actinides with Geoff Johnson
Geoff Johnson will explore the unique issues of the Lanthanides and Actinides in cases of serious physical and mental pathology. The Lanthanides are a series of metal elements hidden within the Gold Row of the periodic table, heavier elements with hidden electrons, used extensively in our modern communications technology. In Element Theory the Lanthanides have issues of autonomy and focus on mastery of inner power. In practice they may be indicated in cases presenting with autoimmune issues.
Actinides are radioactive elements that breakdown into other isotopes as they radiate energy. In practice these may present in cases with a huge capacity for energy and a history of breakdown or meltdown.
Geoff Johnson is a Sensation homeopath and one of the few homeopaths with experience of using these remedies extensively in practice. Geoff studied veterinary medicine at Cambridge University and is qualified in both veterinary homeopathy and as a homeopath to treat people.
Portland Centre for Integrative Medicine, with support from SHRET (Scottish Homeopathic Research & Educational Trust) CPD masterclass is open to all professional homeopaths, medical homeopaths, and students of homeopathy from all colleges.
Cost: £160 for weekend – includes lunch, tea and refreshments
Venue: Glasgow NHS Centre for Integrative Care, Glasgow Homeopathic Hospital, 1053 Great Western Road, Glasgow G12 0YN

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