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Homeopathy and Cancer – Altrincham (Manchester)

Homeopathy and Cancer –  Homeopathy’s role in alleviating the side effects of chemotherapy, radiotherapy, hormone therapy, and palliative care in the treatment of cancer – with Dr Jean-Lionel Bagot

Few of us have the opportunity to treat a patient with cancer exclusively with Homeopathy. However, we are often asked what Homeopathy can do for a patient who has cancer and is preparing to undergo allopathic treatment for it, be it chemotherapy, radiotherapy, surgery and/or hormone treatment. There is a lack of awareness on the part of the public and the medical profession as to what a valuable tool Homeopathy can be for the mental and physical suffering of this group of people.
As homeopaths we know treatment can be constitutional, organ-based, antimiasmatic,
isopathic, symptom based, with or without some anthroposophic medicines, or a combination of all the above.

Dr. Jean-Lionel Bagot is a graduate in Oncology and General Practice and a homeopathic doctor in Strasbourg. He specialises in Integrative Supportive Care in Oncology.
A pioneer in this field in Europe, in 2006 he founded the first homeopathic clinic of supportive care in Saint Vincent Hospital Group, Strasbourg. In 2016, he founded -and still manages- the International Homeopathic Society for Supportive Care in Oncology (IHSSCO), which has approximately one hundred members in seven different countries.

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Cost: £80 for the day, which includes lunch/refreshments, or £50 for students.
Venue: Althrincham Town Hall, 25 Market Street, Altrincham WA14 1QT
Contact: Dr Eftihia Metallidou – tel: 0161 474 7301 (weekdays 12-4pm) or email

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